This part of our website is entitled About Us. In reality, however, it should be called about you – the people whose support and continuing commitment is so crucial to our fundraising efforts.

Over the last 7 years, you have raised some £6.5 million in pledges to support the Foundation’s ambitions across Mill Hill, Belmont and Grimsdell. This is a significant, much-appreciated sum that has been used to great effect. But the pursuit of educational excellence is unending and the pressure on existing budgets remains relentless.

Put simply, fundraising is no longer an optional ‘extra’ but an integral part of the on-going and future success of all four Schools. That’s why the Annual Fund is so important. It is our yearly approach to potential supporters within the ‘Foundation family’ – be they parents, grandparents, alumni or friends of our community for other reasons.

From legacies and leadership gifts to regular, smaller donations, every pound is precious, important and put to good use. Thank you for your generosity to date and for supporting the Annual Fund so wholeheartedly.

The Schools’ fundraising efforts are headed by Nick Priestnall in the Schools’ development office. Nick and his team also work closely with the Heads of all four Schools, current and past parents, representatives from the Friends of the Mill Hill Foundation, the Old Millhillians Club, the Old Belmontian Association, Friends of Belmont, and the Grimsdell Parents Association.


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