Our A Better Chance Bursary Scheme is just what it says it is – the chance for talented children from more modest backgrounds to enjoy a first class education at Belmont, Mill Hill or both.

All four Schools in the Mill Hill Foundation are rightly proud of the way they prepare pupils to prosper in the classroom and wider world. Not just the academic results we achieve but the extra-curricular opportunities that are offered and the values we espouse. Unfortunately – being in the independent sector – we can’t offer that same opportunity to one and all. That’s why the A Better Chance Scheme is so important.

The funding of free places gives pupils in less advantaged circumstances an opportunity that would otherwise be denied them. Put simply, it is an investment in potential, in the future, and in hope.

Some 43 pupils have already benefited from the scheme and – with your continuing help – we hope to increase that number many times over in the years ahead.

For further information please see our new booklet.


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