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Crick 100 Dinner & Reception | Support Mill Hill

Crick 100 Dinner & Reception

On Saturday 11th June we welcomed parents, Old Millhillians, Old Belmontians and some very special guests to celebrate the centenary of Mill Hill’s most illustrious old boy and one of the greatest scientists of our age, Francis Crick. 

It was a unique and spectacular occasion attended by over 150 guests with a Champagne Reception in The Large and delicious meal in the Dining Room. 

We were thrilled that Dr James Watson, with whom Francis Crick shared his discovery of the structure of DNA (and a Nobel Prize) had flown in from the United States to join us and was able to relive some of his fascinating memories of working with Crick. We were also delighted to be joined by Crick’s daughter, Gabrielle and his grandson, Mark Nicholl.

Guests were also encouraged to visit the Science Building where Crick studied as a pupil. They willingly took up a test tube instead of a champagne flute and braved experiments in their finest suits and dresses to see first-hand how to extract strands of DNA from peas. In the Graham Laboratory an exhibition of photos and articles relating to Crick allowed guest to delve further into the Crick story as interviews with Crick himself were projected.

All proceeds from the Crick 100 Dinner & Reception tickets went to supporting the continuing modernisation of the Science Building which this year will be renamed in honour of Francis Crick. Tickets can only raise so much. What is of greater importance is that parents and alumni are aware of the developments in science teaching across the Foundation and feel able to get involved at a level that suits. Many of you have 'Added your DNA' by buying elements at Mill Hill and Belmont whilst some have even sponsored laboratories and linked their name to Crick's legacy forever. If you feel that you can help us achieve our goals in science then please do so by visiting our Make A Gift page or by contacting the Development Director, Nick Priestnall 

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