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Telephone Campaign | Support Mill Hill

Telephone Campaign

£100,000 pledged in Mill HiIl's first ever Telephone Campaign

The major goal of the A Better Chance Campaign this year is to increase the number of Old Millhillians making regular gifts; hence embarking on our first telephone campaign.  In preparation we emailed monthly newsletters about The A Better Chance campaign generally to all Old Millhillians and then in June wrote to those who were going to be telephoned with specific information about what to expect and offering the chance to opt out. 

Thirteen recent leavers and 6th Formers spent two weeks telephoning Old Millhillians, some of whom left 60 years ago.  The aims of the campaign were to exchange memories of school years at Mill Hill, encourage Old Millhillians to re-visit the School and come to events and ask them to support the A Better Chance Bursary campaign.

The team worked incredibly hard and had many wonderful conversations with Old Millhillians of all generations.  They spoke to over 600 people, the majority of whom were very happy to have been called and to share their experiences.  Around a quarter of them committed to donate, enabling the team to raise just over an incredible £100,000 in pledges, massively surpassing the campaign target of £57,000.

This was not the only positive outcome:  many of those spoken to indicated their intention to come to School again (perhaps for the first time since they left) maybe on Old Millhillians Day, others offered help with careers advice and expressed an interest in professional and regional events.  Furthermore the callers managed to get many updated contact and career details which will be really helpful in the future.  So a huge thank you to our team of callers for a brilliant campaign.  


You have been talking to... 

Our team of callers was made up of recent leavers and 6th formers.

BhaktiCharley, Gerogina, JakeJoshuaKiranLaurenMarkMelissaNaomi

NickSebastian and Zara  thouroughly enjoyed their experience of  talking to Old Millhillians.










Hi! My name is Melissa and I left Mill Hill two years ago this summer. Whilst I was at Mill Hill I took part in lots of extra-curricular activities such as the Charity Committee, the navy section of the CCF and various house competitions. I also played netball for the 1st and 2nd VIIs in my final few years. Since then I’ve been at the University of Bristol studying Biochemistry.  I’m getting involved in the Telephone Campaign this summer as a chance to help raise the money which will aid other children to have the amazing experience that I had when I was at Mill Hill.  A chance which they might not have had otherwise.



Hi, I’m Sebastian and I graduated last Summer from Aberystwyth University, where I studied International Politics. I’m off around the world later this year. I’m most looking forward to New Zealand where I have a work visa organised. Whilst at Mill Hill I was in Priestley House, part of the swimming team and a member of the naval section within the CCF. Since leaving School i’ve developed a passion for baking and photography. I chose to apply for the Telephone Campaign because I am sure there are some fascinating conversations to be had with Old Millhillians and I’d like to be a part of that! I’ve seen first hand just how important bursaries are to pupils at Mill Hill and I think the school would not be where it is today without the generosity of our alumni. I’m really proud to be a part of that process and excited to get going with the Campaign!










Hi, I’m Naomi and I have just finished my second year studying French and Spanish at Bristol University. At Mill Hill I really enjoyed sports especially cross country running.  I wanted to be involved in the Telephone Campaign because I was fortunate enough to receive a bursary and I could talk for hours about how greatly I have benefitted! I’m looking forward to helping to raise awareness about bursaries and sharing stories with Old Millhillians over the phone about their time at School.




Hello, my name is Joshua. I've recently completed my Lower Sixth year (Year 12) and now look forward to continuing on to the Upper Sixth to study Double Maths, Chemistry and Physics. Currently, I have ambitions of studying Chemistry at university. I have many varied interests ranging from athletics to drama. At Mill Hill I am involved heavily in drama and music, being a frequent stage performer. As a grateful recipient of a bursary myself, I understand the hugely beneficial influence a bursary may have upon young students. It is a great honour to play a small part in securing bursaries for future deserving students.

Hi I'm Kiran, I've just completed my first year at Bristol University reading Sociology. I loved playing sport at Mill Hill because it provided me with great facilities and a high standard of sport where I was part of the 1XI Cricket Team that won the Middlesex Cup two years running. It also gave me the opportunity to play sports and do things out of the ordinary, such as Eton Fives and CCF. Mill Hill bursaries are extremely important in providing opportunities to those who would otherwise struggle without the financial aid it provides. It gives the opportunity to have strong academic support whilst also being able to participate in many extra-curricular activities and have access to great facilities. I'm looking forward to talking about the adventures Old Millhillians have encountered since their time at Mill Hill and also what their memories of the School are.








Hello, my name is Bhaki and I’ve just completed my first year at Swansea University reading American Studies. During my time at Mill Hill, I greatly enjoyed exploring the School grounds with friends and being able to experience the vast number of opportunities available to me. Most memorably, the history Battlefields trip to Belgium in my first year at Mill Hill strengthened my interest in modern history and political relations, whilst also inspiring me to pursue the study of European languages. As a recipient of a bursary myself, I truly understand the benefit attained through the A Better Chance Bursary Scheme and want others to continue having access to this. The generous donations received from Old Millhillians can have a life changing impact by greatly enriching a child’s education irrespective of their personal circumstances. 









Hi, my name is Jake and I’m going into my third year reading War Studies at Birmingham University. One of my favorite things about Mill Hill is the superb environment I was taught in and played sport in. I chose to get involved in the Telephone Campaign because I find it interesting speaking to Old Millhillians and understanding their past experiences in how the school has changed since they left. Bursaries are a very important part of the school as help they offer able young boys and girls who were not necessaryly,  able to come, positively change their lives.



Hi, my name is Lauren and I have just finished my first year of studying Criminology at University of Manchester. During my time at Mill Hill School I took part in a few extra curricular activities, mainly involving sport. I chose to get involved in the Telephone Campaign because I had a few friends who were on a bursary during their time at Mill Hill and I was able to see first hand the help and opportunities it gave to those students. I was also on a partial sports scholarship, and even though completely different to a bursary it allowed for a similar opportunity to be made available to myself. I am aware that bursaries are made possible with the generous donations made from Old Millhillians and I would love to be a part of raising money for the next generation of students of the Mill Hill School Foundation.






Hi! I'm Mark. I'm currently studying Biomedical Science at St. George's University and I'm hoping to transfer to a Medicine course after graduating next year. My favourite thing about my time at Mill Hill was the opportunities it gave me. Whilst there I joined the Rugby team, CCF and took up drum lessons, all interests I have taken with me into university giving me more and more opportunities every year! Following on with this ethos I was incredibly excited when Mill Hill gave me the chance to pass on such opportunity to others with the bursary fundraising scheme. I always remember how the School was founded on the ideas of liberalism which is why its such a great pleasure to help raise funds for bursaries. The campaign is a great chance to help such pupils not only contribute to our ever improving exam scores but more importantly I believe, add to richness and diversity of our School's pool of thought and ideas.









Hi, my name is Nick and I have just completed my final year studying Economics and Politics at the University of Leeds. I'm looking forward to connecting with fellow Old Millhillians and contributing towards the future strength of the Foundation. I spent three years in the Cricket 1st XI and have seen first hand the positive impact of the Appeal in gaining funds to refurbish the Pavilion. I would be delighted to hear the memories of other OMs and continue the good work that has been done.




Hi, I'm Charley and I left Mill Hill two years ago. I am now studying maths at Bristol after taking a year out to spend a few months working in the French Alps and traveling around South East Asia! At Mill Hill I was part of the Navy Section of the CCF all the way through to Year 13, and in Year 12 I was head of the Navy Section. I was also involved in the Charity Committee and helped to set up the Charity Cafe! 




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